8 Tips for a Successful Holiday Season

Here are some great holiday tips for direct sales people, network marketers, MLM professionals, and home party plan entrepreneurs.

1 ) Get into the holiday spirit! When you begin thinking about the holidays, think about how it relates to your business. Take in the holiday atmosphere… the sounds, smells, colors. Is your business reflecting the same holiday cheer? Add some holiday “décor” to your catalogs or your Facebook page. Send out holiday e-greetings to your database. Package your products in holiday gift wrap.

2 ) Think of your product as the perfect holiday gift. What are some great stocking stuffers? What about gifts for extended family? Secret Santa parties? Gifts for employees or your boss? How about a Just-In-Case gift for those who show up unexpectedly? And let’s not forget teachers, neighbors, the postal carrier, doctors, dentists, hair dressers?

3 ) Set up your table presentation or vendor booth in a festive way! Add some garland or a string of lights. You could even have a tree on display with gift ideas below it or hostess packets packaged in holiday gift bags. Use a holiday table cloth or play some holiday music as guests arrive. Put them in the holiday shopping mood.

4 ) During your presentations demonstrate how your products make great holiday gifts. Think back to the gift recipients in #2 and mention those in your presentation. People are always looking for gift ideas for those hard-to-buy-for people. Don’t forget to showcase great stocking stuffers.

5 ) Call up your best hostesses or those potential hostesses you’ve been meaning to call. Make customer service calls letting your best customers know about upcoming sales, holiday promotions, or hostess incentives. Think about who you know that always decorates their home beautifully during this time of year. They’ll be looking for an excuse to show it off. Hosting a party gives them that opportunity.

7 ) Offer free gift wrapping. Sometimes the smallest of services can make the biggest difference when someone is deciding on what gifts to purchase. Mention during your presentations that you are offering free gift wrapping for all purchases from the party. Extend that extra customer service and alleviate some stress this holiday season.

8 ) Offer a Black Friday or Cyber Monday special. You could do time-based specials. Let your customers know if you receive orders during certain times of the day, certain specials will apply. Here’s an example:

If I receive your order between 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM, you receive (this should be our biggest door buster deal). By the way, the time can start as early as Midnight on Thanksgiving.

If I receive your order between 7:01 AM and 11:00 AM, you receive (this should be a good deal, but less than our door buster discount).

If I receive your order between 11:01 AM and 3:00 PM, you receive (this should be a different deal).

Continue listing the times with different specials.