Stop Balancing and Start Harmonizing

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed at times, maybe there is too much on your plate?  There are only so many hours in the day and chances are you are beating yourself up about not accomplishing things that in reality you couldn’t accomplish in a single day anyway.  Take some time to write down what really matters in your every day life and schedule in those things first.  I call them the 5 F’s: Family, Fitness, Faith, Fun, Finances. Continue reading

Facebook Group Settings Explained

There are 3 privacy options for Facebook Groups: Public, Closed, or Secret.  When choosing your Group’s Privacy Setting, consider these points:  Once a Group reaches 250 members, you cannot decrease the Privacy Setting.   For example, you can increase the Privacy from Public to Closed or from Closed to Secret but you can’t go from Secret back to Closed.  You also cannot change the name of the Group once there are 250 members.  Here’s a chart from Facebook’s Help Center to help you decide which option is best: Continue reading

Like Ladders and Exchanges Make You LESS Visible on Facebook!

stop-like-laddersThis topic has been coming up a lot with my clients lately, so I thought I would create a reference post with my advice on how Like Ladders/Exchanges could be hurting your reach on Facebook.

First, let me clarify what a Like Ladder or Like Exchange is.  It is a very common practice among small business networks on Facebook.  The basic principle is to post your Page in a comment thread and ask for Likes.  In exchange you agree to Like all the other Pages on that same thread.  These definitely work for getting your number of Likes up, but most of the time Continue reading

Why Can’t I See All My Fans?

why-cant-i-see-all-my-fansThere are many schools of thought floating around about why a Page owner cannot see all of its Fans.  Some say it’s because Facebook will only show you up to your first 500 Fans.  Some say you have to use the Graph Search as opposed to just clicking on See All Likes.  But the real reason you can’t see ALL your Likes is due to the privacy settings of your Fans.  If a Fan has his/her privacy of “Other Likes” set to anything other than Public, chances are you will not be able to see them in your list of Likes. Continue reading

Google Voice For Your Home Business

Google Voice SetupGoogle Voice is a great option for a business line.  It offers you a FREE phone number in any area code.  The phone number can be forwarded to any phone (even multiple phones) and if you do not answer the call goes to your Google Voice Mailbox you set up.  The best thing about Google Voice is that it is free!  This allows you to have a “business line” without giving out your actual mobile or home number.  This is great for marketing materials, business cards, display banners, car decals, and public directories.  You can set up your Google number to forward to your Continue reading

How to Stop Auto Play Videos on Facebook From Eating Up Your Data

I wanted to confirm this with my carrier before making this post, and it is true–auto play videos in your Facebook News Feed do affect data usage.  If you have noticed your usage has doubled, auto play videos are most likely the cause.  Below are instructions on how to fix this problem from Facebook’s Help Center:


I see videos playing silently when I scroll through News Feed. How does this work with my data plan?

Continue reading