Facebook Page Audit

Thank you for choosing this Premium Service this month! I am looking forward to conducting your Facebook Business Page Audit and Analysis.

The first step is to make me an Admin of your Page. Go to Settings, then Page Roles, and enter my name (if I am Friend or Fan of yours I may pop up) or my email (if my account doesn't show up when you type my name): mramos@monelico.com. Make me an Admin and click on Save.  I will get the notification through Facebook and contact you when your Audit is complete.


You can expect your audit to be ready within 1 week of making me an Admin of your Business Page. I will create a checklist that will be available to you as an image, and in printable pdf format. I will also screen record my audit process and place a video of that recording on your Personal Client Page on this site. Only you and I have access to that page. You can always get access to your Personal Client Page by clicking on the “My Personal Welcome Page” link under your login details to the right.

When your Audit is complete you can remove me as an Admin by following the same steps as before and clicking on the X to the right of my account.