Like Gating is Gone! And I Couldn’t Be Happier!

Approximately 90 days ago, Facebook announced on its Developer’s Blog that it would do away with Like-Gating by November 5, 2014 (that’s in 2 days).  “Like-Gating” is requiring someone to like your page in order to see content or enter a contest.  Many pages used this method of acquiring likes but was it getting them the right kind of likes?  Like-Gating is almost as bad as participating in Like Ladders or Like Exchange Groups.  You want to know why organic reach is down?  BECAUSE YOU HAVE A BUNCH OF FANS WHO LIKED YOUR PAGE FOR THE WRONG REASON!  If you sell apples and run a contest giving away oranges to everyone who likes your page, don’t complain when you orange-loving fans are not engaging with your page about apples!  It’s an extreme and silly example, but I hope you get the point.  If you have not yet read my post on how Like Ladders kill your reach and visibility, please take some time to read it now. It’s long (and I apologize in advance for that) but it has a lot of info and explains how Facebook works when it comes to what people see in their News Feeds. Continue reading

Google Voice For Your Home Business

Google Voice SetupGoogle Voice is a great option for a business line.  It offers you a FREE phone number in any area code.  The phone number can be forwarded to any phone (even multiple phones) and if you do not answer the call goes to your Google Voice Mailbox you set up.  The best thing about Google Voice is that it is free!  This allows you to have a “business line” without giving out your actual mobile or home number.  This is great for marketing materials, business cards, display banners, car decals, and public directories.  You can set up your Google number to forward to your Continue reading

Get a Yearly Wall Calendar

The idea of getting a LARGE yearly wall calendar first came to me from Caterina Rando when I attended one of her Sought After Speaker Summits.  She uses it in her speaking business but I would like to go over the benefits of having this type of calendar in your home office for your Direct Sales business.


In this industry we have so many tasks and activities to plan and schedule throughout the year.  Continue reading

My Favorite Facebook Apps and Other Useful Tools

This list is always a work in progress, but I wanted to share with my readers some of my favorites.  Feel free to add your own in the comments.  I’m always up for learning new ways to simplify business.


22 Social is hands down my favorite! The possibilities are endless. It is not free, but you can try it free for 14 days. Their pro plan is $22 a month, or you can pay $222 per year and get 2 months free. I host almost all the apps on my Facebook page through 22 Social, especially my live webinars and virtual parties. For more info on how 22 Social can help you grow your business on Facebook, click here.

Woobox is a flexible Facebook app that has some free options for things like HTML Fangate, which is nice. The paid plans for contests and other features start as low as $1/month. But Woobox has great some free options that are great for beginners just getting started with Facebook apps. Check out THIS VIDEO on how to set up a catalog tab for free using Woobox.

ShortStack is another nifty app. It’s very versatile. You can create your own widgets or use their pre-built templates and themes to create something that looks great. The nice thing about ShortStack is that it’s Continue reading

It’s Time to Train Your Brain!

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