Setting Up Email Forwarding in Gmail

Instructions for how to set up email forwarding in Gmail.

Log into your domain account at Each domain name purchase comes with 100 free email forwards.

In the left side panel, click on Free Products:

Click on Email Account List:

Launch Free Email Forwarding for your domain:

A new window will pop up taking you to the Email Control Center. Select Add from the right.

When the Create Forwarding Address window opens, enter in the NEW email name you wish to use, i.e. “Bob”, and the associated domain name (there will be a drop down menu for those who have more than one domain name account), i.e.

Then, enter the Gmail account where you want your new domain email account to receive mail.

Forward Mail To:

Click OK.

The new address will be listed as “Pending”, but should become “Active” within a few minutes.

Once your new address is listed as “Active”, you can make your configurations in Gmail.

Log into your Gmail account.

In the top, right corner, select Settings.

Select the Accounts and Import tab, and click on “Send mail from another address”.

Enter the information you want displayed when you send emails using this new account. Then click Next Step.

Select Send through Gmail (easier to set up), and click Next Step.

Click Send Verification.

A verification code will be sent to your gmail inbox. Go to your inbox to retrieve that code and enter it into this window and click Verify:

From the Accounts and Import tab in Gmail you can choose to make this new email your default mailing address, or as an alternate. You can also choose how you reply to you emails.

Unless you select “Always reply from default address” in the Accounts and Import tab, you will see a drop down option when composing a new email in Gmail.

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