2-2-2 Follow Up Method









Follow-up is a big part of great Customer Service!  The 2-2-2 Follow-up Method is a great way to provide your customers with excellent customer care while focusing on THEIR needs and truly coming from a place of service.

If you are not incorporating a customer service regimen into your business, you are missing out on sales, bookings and sponsoring opportunities.  Customer care builds relationships and it is the foundation of your business.

Below is a 3-part follow up system I like to call the 2-2-2 Follow-up Method. There are many variations of this floating around but I wasn’t completely happy with any them so I made my own version… 

1st Call – 2 Days After Sale

This is a thank you call.  Take the attitude of gratitude. Most people are pleasantly shocked to hear from you.  It goes something like this… “It was a pleasure to meet you…  Thank you for attending Susie’s party and helping her earn so many free products.  Did you know she got $### in free products?  You helped her get that so thank you! Before I let you go, I just wanted to let you know that I received shipping information on your order today and you [or Susie if going to Hostess] should be receiving your order in 3 days…  I would like to follow up in a couple weeks just to make sure everything is ok and you are happy with your purchase.  Would that be ok?  What is the best time of day to reach you?”

That’s it!  You are not selling her anything, not asking for a booking, nothing.  Just saying thank you, informing her that her items have shipped, and asking permission to follow up in 2 weeks.

2nd Call – 2 Weeks After the 1st Call

This is a service call.  You are coming from a place of “service”.   “Are you enjoying your [products purchased]?”  “How many compliments have you gotten?”  “Is there anything I can do for you right now?”  You are continuing to build the relationship with this call!  Chances are she has been showing her new purchase to everyone and getting compliments.  She may be thinking of having a party or possibly becoming a Consultant/Representative.  If the conversation lends itself in that direction, great!  If not, it’s ok.  Continue to make this about HER.  Again, ask if you can follow up in a couple months to check in and let her know of any specials going on.  Make sure she has your contact information in case she needs to reach you before then.  Make note of anything going on with her that you can follow up with in the future (moving, remodeling, new baby, vacation plans, etc.).  Set a date for follow up 2 months out and end the call.

3rd Call – 2 Months After the 2nd Call

This is a call to touch base and offer information.  “Last time we talked you were getting ready to…. How’s that coming along?”  This is why note-taking during the first 2 calls is important.  If you have nothing in your notes to follow-up on just ask how things are going and let her know what’s knew.  “Just checking to see if you need anything.”  “The holidays are coming up…”  “This month is [whatever special is going on]”  Talk about any events you have coming up (Mystery Hostess, Open House, Vendor Events, Customer Appreciation Party).  If she asks about you be sure to tie back to something you did or received as a result of being a Consultant/Representative with your company.  “I just got back from our National Conference.”  “I just earned a trip to…”  “[XYZ Company] has helped me pay off another credit card.”

On this call it is ok to ask for a booking or a referral.  “We’ve had so many new products come out since I last saw you.  What do you think about getting together with your girlfriends and getting some free [your product/service]?”  “Do you know of anyone who may be interested in earning some extra income with this great opportunity?”  “Do you know about my referral program?”

After the first 3 calls, continue to follow up every 2 months with all of your customers.  If you do this after every party your calendar will never be empty!  If you keep getting voice mail, keep calling.  I like Julie Anne Jones’s voice mail follow-up system (see image below).


Set up a follow-up schedule using The Client AngelThe Efficient Lady’s Organizer, or through your email program (I recommend ConvertKit), or even with a Follow-Up Binder to keep you on track.