Mobile Apps

The following are iPhone apps I use and recommend for running your Direct Sales business. I'm sure there are versions of these (or similar products) for other devices.

BizXpenseTracker is my favorite!  It tracks my mileage and my expenses.  I can take a picture of a receipt and store in the app, then export to excel to have everything saved electronically.






This app is not Direct Sales specific but I highly recommend it if you often watch trainings and webinars that require a Flash plugin.  Apple products do not support flash but Photon allows you to watch a webinar through your iPad or iPhone that requires flash.  Here's a VIDEO on how to use this app with your iOS device.

Secure and protect your photos with watermarks using the iWatermark app (one of my favorites)!

Mind the Bump - A Mindfulness Meditation tool for new and expecting parents - Smiling Mind

Science based music for focus