Things You Should Know When Setting Up Your Faceboook Business Page

There are many things to consider when creating your Facebook Business Page.  In this blog post I will go over Category, Name, and Web Address (your Page’s URL).  For additional tips on using Facebook for Business, especially if you are in Direct sales, check out my E-book: Top 25 Facebook Tips for Direct Sellers (recently updated in Jan. 2015).  This post below is taken from Tip #1.  Check out the other 24 tips by getting my e-book here.

To create a brand new page, go to  You can also just click on the green “Create Page” button located at the top left of every Page (except yours – you will not see this option when you are visiting a page you are an admin of).



You will be presented with several Page Category Options:



Of all the options available, the first 3 are best for small home business owners, like direct sellers.  However, I recommend Company, Organization or Institution.  If you work out of your home, do not choose Local Business.  Your home address will be searchable by the public and listed as a place to “Check In” on Facebook.  If you are a distributor or independent representative/consultant for a direct sales or network marketing company, Brand or Product is better suited for your parent company.  You want your Page to reflect YOUR business, not the Corporate or Home Office.   Here is a chart that shows what options are available to you based on the category you choose:

                                                         Learn more about these categories here.


You CAN change your Page Category any time and as often as you need to after your Page is created.  Just click on Settings, then Page Info, then on the Edit link to the far right of Category.



Your Page Name, however, you can only change once after you reach 200 Fans and never again after that.  Up until you reach 200 Fans, you can change it as often as you’d like.  Your Page Name will be whatever you enter in here:


To go back and change your Page Name click on Settings, then Page Info, then on the Edit link to the far right of Name.  If you need to change your name after you’ve reached 200 Likes, you will need to fill out a form to request the change.  A “Request Change” link will appear after you click on Edit.  Click here to see a video I created with more information on how to do this.



The URL or web address (aka username) of your Page can only be changed once and never again after that.  Ever.  So be very careful when making this choice.


Here’s an overview of where all this information appears on your Page (click on image to enlarge):


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