Get Organized and Take Back Your Life

Module 1 – Your Physical Work Space

Video #1 – Your Relationship With Your Space & the Hot/Warm/Cold Zones*

Video #2 – The Three-Step Organizational Process

IMPORTANT!! If at all possible, please take “before” picture of your office so you can see how far you’ve come once you get it completed.

Getting In The Zone Worksheet
Module 1 Video 1 Outline
Module 1 Video 2 Outline

Module 2 – Your Business Systems

Video #1 – Your Filing System

Video #2 – Your Follow Up System

Video #3 – Organizing Your Comupter


FYI: If you don’t want to take the time to set up rules and folders for your email sorting process (or even if you do but still get junk and spam in your in box), check out this amazing new software. It automatically moves unimportant mail to a “read later” folder and allows you to “train” the system regarding which emails to move and which are important. You can get a free 14 day trial by clicking here.

Module 2 Video 1 Outline
Module 2 Video 2 Outline
Module 2 Video 3 Outline
Avery 5167 Monthly Label Set
Computer Categories Worksheet
Filing Categories Worksheet

Module 3 – Your Host Coaching & Party Systems

Video #1 – Your Host Coaching Systems

Video #2 – Your Party Systems

Module 3 Video 1 Outline
Host Coaching Checklist
Module 3 Video 2 Outline
Party Date Card
Chocoholic Invite
Classified Invite
Mexican Fiesta Invite

Module 4 – Scheduling and Time Management

Video #1 – Define Your Time Management Style

Video #2 – Set Up Your Schedule

Video #3 – Social Media Time Management Strategies

Module 4 Video 1 Outline
Time Management Worksheet
Weekly Planning Sheet
Module 4 Video 2 Outline
Module 4 Video 3 Outline