Train Your Brain Webinar

Hello, Friends!

Do you remember hearing about The Mind Aware Interview Series earlier this year?  The host of that series is Dana Wilde and there is a little known fact about Dana which I wanted to share with you today . . .

Did you know her direct sales team went from zero to over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in just NINETEEN MONTHS?  That’s right . . . from the day she bought her kit until the day her team was doing over one million dollars in sales was just 19 months!  

Well, on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, she’s giving a FREE ONE-HOUR WEBINAR to tell you how she did it and don't worry . . . if you can't make it live, there WILL BE A REPLAY. 

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Dana is famous for “training her brain” and teaching others how to do the same and on this webinar, she will explain the exact techniques she used to rise to the top of her direct sales company so quickly.

We’ve all heard the idea that our inner mindset creates our outer success. 

We’ve all heard that what we focus on grows. 

We’ve all heard that in order to get different outcomes we must “think” differently, . .

BUT Dana Wilde’s Train Your Brain Webinar actually teaches you HOW to do it . . . how to think differently.

This webinar is for you if . . .

     * You have been using "hard work" as your method to success.

     * You have lost your "mojo"

     *  You have hit a plateau

     *  You would like more consistency in your business

     *  You can't seem to get started

     *  You feel like you're doing everything right, but you're not getting the same results as others.

     *  You just want to get to the top of your company quickly! 

Here's that link to register again:

On this webinar, you will learn:

     * How the brain works and the ONE THING you need to do to pave the way for it to work differently.

     * Why this training is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the reason Dana Wildes' team went to the million dollar mark so fast.

     * How and why mantras work and why you should never believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

     * One simple technique you can apply even if you’re the biggest SKEPTIC or super-negative and still see change in any area of your life within A FEW DAYS!

You will only be able to listen if you register here:

If you’ve ever been frustrated when someone has told you to “think positive” and you’ve wondered just how to do that . . .

If you have hit a plateau in your business and you want to break through . . .

If you want to results come to you easier and more quickly . . .

. . . then this webinar is for you.

Two more very important details:

1)  Dana has taught these techniques to thousands of people.  These are methods which you CAN learn and APPLY.

2)  Dana is only offering this for a very short time.  She will be back to promoting The Mind Aware Interview Series (and other people’s products) very quickly.  There is a very small window for learning this material.

This webinar will be available as a replay, but in order to hear about it, you must register here:

Don’t miss out . . . This is the real deal.  You’re going to love Train Your Brain.